Blinds for Doors

Window coverings are not just for windows, they are for doors too! This blog post will help you discover the world of blinds for your glass doors. Patio doors have large glass panels that let in a lot of light. It is important to have privacy and light control solutions for your glass doors. Window treatments will also increase energy efficiency for your home.

The Right Material

Choosing the right fabric for your doors depends on, not only the look that you want, but your needs. Do you need UV protection? Choose solar shades. Do you want to completely block out light? Then, choose from our blackout collection. Do you want a light filtering option? We have plenty of non-blackout options as well! Zebra blinds in style wood is a great option for doors that will face a lot of sunlight and heat because of its durability and resistance to warping. However, all of the fabrics of My Home Blinds Find the material that is most functional for that room.

Blind Choices

Any kind of blind can be used for glass doors. Roller shades are a simple option that give a sleek and smooth appearance. They are a great option for high-traffic areas due to their simplicity. There is less of a chance that they will get caught on things. Zebra blinds are a very popular choice for doors. No matter how narrow the glass panel is, they are a great stylistic and functional option. They allow for more agile light control for the light that will enter the room.

Roller Shades
Silhouette Shades
Zebra Blinds
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